Special Services

Palm Sunday 25th March

9.00am at the Ven Bede
10.30am at St Benedict’s

Parish Communion with the distribution of Palms and a dramatic reading of the Passion.

We celebrate the start of Holy Week by remembering how Jesus entered the Holy City on a donkey and how the people tore down palm branches from the trees to welcome him. Our Palm crosses remind us of how easy it is to turn from celebration to tragedy.

A journey to the Cross. Bible readings and meditations on Jesus ‘ final few hours using art.

Maundy Thursday 29th March

7.30pm at St Benedict’s Parish Communion with the footwashing, stripping of the altar and the
Watch of the Passion.
A very moving service during which we remember Jesus at the Last Supper and how once the meal was ended Jesus went out into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. While he was praying Judas leads the soldiers to arrest him and his ordeal begins.

Good Friday 30th March

2.00pm at St benedict’s The Good Friday Service
A solemn day when we remember Jesus death. Our church looks bare and is dominated by a large wooden cross that reminds us of the cost of love.

Holy Saturday 31st March

8.00pm The Easter Vigil
After a day of waiting and preparation we gather in the darkness as we wait for new of resurrection.
The Easter Fire is lit, our Easter Candle in blessed and we process into a dark church to begin our celebration of resurrection with the great Easter hymn of praise.

Easter Day 1st April

8.00am Holy Communion at S Benedict’s
9.00am Parish Communion at the Ven Bede with the renewal of baptismal Vows
10.30am Parish Communion at St Benedict’s with the renewal of baptismal Vows and an
Easter Egg hunt for our younger members

We celebrate on this the holiest day of the year.