Taizé Prayer

Would you like to try something a little different?

A time of quietness and reflection before the busy week begins again? Held in the beautiful Lady Chapel at St Benedict Biscop church, at 7 pm  on the second Sunday of each month, join us to share in a time of stillness, using a simple worship setting from the Taizé Community.

The service has a simplicity and meditative quality at the centre of which is a period of silence. Our Taizé Prayer, lasting for approximately half an hour, includes short readings, prayer and some quiet contemplative singing using Taizé chants – a few words sung over and over again as a form of praying.

A tranquil, candlelit and peaceful atmosphere, ancient and modern icons, and meditative prayer all help us to be still and find a moment to reflect, relax and rest in God.

If you would enjoy a time of silence, stillness and simplicity, an oasis of peace, come along and try it out and explore if this is for you – you will be made welcome!

Dates for each service are published in advance in the Weekly News Sheet, Grapevine Magazine and website Calendar.

The Taizé Community Today

The Community is based in the small village of Taizé in Burgundy, Central France. It was founded by its first prior Brother Roger in 1949. From its humble early beginnings of just seven brothers, the Community of Taizé now has more than a hundred brothers, representing thirty nations, from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds. This ecumenical monastic order by its very existence is “a parable of community” that wants its life to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and separated peoples.

The brothers of the Community live solely by their own work. They do not accept donations or personal inheritances for themselves – the Community passes such gifts to the very poor. Certain of the brothers also live in some of the most disadvantaged places in the world, to be witnesses of peace alongside the people who are suffering there.

Since its formation, the young and not so young, from around the world, have been coming to Taizé in ever greater numbers to take part in its weekly meetings. At Taizé they find an open and challenging environment in which to explore and experience their own personal relationship with God. They take part in the daily community tasks, Bible studies, small group discussions: questioning and sharing with others their journey of faith. Three times a day everything stops and the bells on the hill of Taizé call everyone to the Church of Reconciliation for prayers with the brothers of the Community. In the words of the young people, the silence and meditative quality of the worship” “Provide a time to take stock…listen to your heart…think about your problems…empty your mind….do some soul searching…..a moment for meeting God”

Church leaders have also visited Taizé; including Pope John Paul II and four Archbishops of Canterbury.  Brother Roger the founder of the Community, died on 16 August 2005, at the age of 90, at the hands of a deranged visitor during the evening prayer. Since then, Brother Alois, whom Brother Roger chose as his successor many years ago, has been the Prior of the Community.

Further information can be accessed online at www.taize.fr